As featured across multiple media, WhizComms is the lowest price 1Gbps home fibre broadband & IDD voice plan in Singapore.
FAQ Broadband

1. What is WhizComms’ Fibre Broadband service?

WhizComms’ Fibre Broadband service offers residential subscribers no-frills 1Gbps Home Fibre Broadband at very competitive prices. The subscribed service includes;

2. What are the benefits of using this service?

The benefits include:

3. What is WhizComms’ Home Fibre Broadband available speed offering?

WhizComms currently has 300Mbps and 1Gbps speed offering. WhizComms has conducted surveys and gathered feedback that more than half of Singapore’s consumers prefer 1Gbps home broadband solutions. The 300Mbps fibre broadband plan is to cater to the rest of the consumers that would like to have internet service at the lowest possible price. With this in mind, WhizComms is confident its internet plan package offerings and promotions would address most if not all of the consumer home fibre broadband segment with regards to price and internet surfing experience.

4. What are the value-added services available?

WhizComms offer optional value-added services at affordable prices if customers require them. These services will be an additional cost on top of the existing broadband subscription.

5. Why is WhizComms able to offer Home Fibre Broadband service at such low rates?

WhizComms is able to do so for a few reasons:

6. What is an ONR?

Optical Network Router, also known as ONR, is a device that includes the functions of an optical network terminal and a router. The router function does not provide wireless capability. Subscribers will be able to connect up to 4 wired devices for internet access simultaneously. To have wireless internet access, a wireless access point will have to be purchased and setup. Subscribers can use an existing wireless router/access point, or purchase from an IT store, or purchase a new wireless access point from WhizComms. On the wireless device option, both router and access point mode will work with WhizComms ONR.

7. How many Ethernet ports can the Optical Network Router (ONR) support?

The ONR can support up to 4 x 1Gbps Ethernet ports concurrently. This optical network terminal also includes wired router functionality to enable wired internet connectivity up to 1Gbps.

8. How to register for WhizComms’ Fibre Broadband Service?

Interested subscribers may register online at the website: for WhizComms’ Fibre Broadband Service. A welcome email will be sent upon successful registration. Please use the login details from the welcome email to login and subscribe for the preferred broadband service. The welcome email may be at the junk or spam folder if it does not appear in the email inbox after few minutes.

9. Are there any additional fees when subscribing to the service?

With effect from 1st January 2018, NetLink Trust(NLT) has imposed a service activation fee of $56.71 inclusive of GST ( for each residential end-user connection. There is also a Service Activation Fee of $53.50 inclusive of GST for all WhizComms’ Fibre Broadband Plans, as well as delivery and installation fees, unless otherwise stated during promotion. For more information, please chat with us at

10. What is the payment mode of WhizComms Home Fibre Broadband Service?

Currently the payment mode is through credit card and GIRO only. During the subscription process credit card details will be required for validation purpose. The credit card validation of $0.10 is made to your bank and will be released within 7 days. There will not be any deduction made to the credit card. Upon activation of service, an e-bill will be sent to the respective account and bill deduction will be made through the credit card. For payment via GIRO, please download and complete the inter-bank GIRO form from our DOWNLOAD page. Original GIRO form must be submitted to our office for processing of application.

11. How to know if the subscription is successful?

Once subscribers have logged in at, click on ‘Add Service’ option. Go through the subscription process including the credit card verification page. All completed subscriptions will be under ‘Processing’ status. WhizComms provisioning department will call within 3 working days to arrange for service activation date. Once the service activation date has been fixed, the registration is considered successful and subjected to WhizComms general terms and conditions.

12. How to check if the home is Fibre ready?

To check if the home is Fibre ready, please click on this link to NLT website for verification.

13. What is there to expect for Fibre Installation?

Most high rise and landed residential properties today will already have a Fibre Termination Point(FTP) installed. For these FTP ready properties, there will only be one installation schedule from WhizComms.
For those residential properties without a FTP, here will be two installations schedule;

14. What to prepare for the Fibre Installation?

The installation of the Fibre Termination Point (FTP), ONR and routers requires electricity so it is preferable to have electrical sockets near to the designated FTP.  It will be good to prepare a safety-certified multi-plug extension.  As a precautionary measure, do not remove the green caps on the FTP before installation.

15. What if there are no electrical sockets near the FTP?

Subscribers may either

16. What is Onsite Wi-Fi Audit Service?

Onsite Wi-Fi Audit is a value-added service provided by WhizComms at no extra charge for all Fibre Broadband plans with router included. WhizComms Field Engineers will help to locate and advise the position of the wireless routers for the best coverage.

17. Can WhizComms assist to install additional devices besides the ONR and routers?

WhizComms will not be able to assist subscribers to install other additional devices as it will not be familiar with products installation outside of what is being offered. Subscribers are strongly advised to procure wireless and mesh routers/Access Points from WhizComms unless they are familiar and confident with handling 3rd party wireless and mesh routers/Access Points

18. What are the penalty charges to terminate the service before the contract ends?

The penalty for terminating the service before the contract ends, is the total sum of the monthly charges for the remaining contract period.

19. Where to get more information on WhizComms Fibre Broadband Service?

To select the best suited package for subscriber’s internet expectation, please visit our website at or know our latest promotion packages at

20. What are the contact mediums that can assist interested subscribers in their enquiries?

WhizComms is available for contact at

WhizComms customer care consultant is available through live chat, phone chat and/or email chat during operational hours as advised.

21. Where to download the monthly bill?

Subscribers are able to download their monthly bills by logging into their account at and select e-Bills option.

22. How is the renewal process upon expiry of the current contract?

WhizComms customer care consultant will contact/email to subscribers whose contract is left with one month before expiry to offer the latest home broadband plans available for renewal. Any expired contract will be auto-renewed on a rolling month contract based on the non-promotional price of the subscribed service, if no instruction is received on contract renewal from subscriber.

23. How to terminate the subscribed home fibre broadband service with WhizComms upon expiry of contract?

Subscribers can terminate service by returning the ONR and power cord to the following address listed at Upon returning, please allow up to 7 working days for service termination process to be confirmed.

24. When the Optical Network Router (ONR) is faulty during subscription, will subscribers be charge for replacement?

WhizComms will replace the ONR free of charge during subscription as long as it is a result of wear and tear. Otherwise there will be a fee charged as listed in the Terms and Conditions

25. The fibre point and broadband equipment have been damaged. How to replace them?

For the Fibre Termination Point, a NetLink Trust installation will be required and charges will be (at prevailing rates) dependent on scope of work, as listed in terms and conditions. For more information on NLT charges, please refer to As for the ONR and Fibre patch cord, the charges are also listed in the terms and conditions at

26. Can subscribers use their own wireless router/access point instead?

Subscribers are free to choose if they would like to use existing wireless routers/access points and devices or to procure from IT stores. Subscribers will use these devices at their own risk and WhizComms will not be liable for any technical issue arising from it.

There is also an option to procure wireless router/access point available at WhizComms (subjected to stock availability).

Setting a wireless device to Access Point mode if applicable;

27. Does WhizComms apply throttling and traffic-shaping on its home fibre broadband?

WhizComms home fibre broadband plans comes with Internet traffic management of Bit Torrent or Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing activities. Contrary to popular beliefs, this benefits Internet users as it ensures ample network bandwidth for all other Internet usage activities like video streaming, gaming and web surfing.

28. Can the ONR LAN IP segment be changed if the home LAN segment is also the same?

The LAN segment of ONR IP address range can be changed. Do contact WhizComms customer service consultant on live chat at for the guide.

29. Why does WhizComms ONR have both public WAN IP and internal LAN IP segment?

WhizComms ONR has both a WAN segment that is allocated the public IP address owned by WhizComms, and a LAN segment IP of 192.168.10.x as the ONR has wired router functions. To connect the ONR to an external wireless router would therefore see the WAN IP as an internal 192.168.10.x address. The recommendation would be to set the external wireless device as Access Point mode. The ONR configuration page can be accessed via the browser with login details on the underside of the ONR.

30. Does WhizComms ONR provide for port forwarding and Dynamic DNS?

Port forwarding and dynamic DNS configuration guide will be made available upon request. Do contact WhizComms customer service consultant on live chat at for the guide.

31. What is not supported by WhizComms on-site assessment upon request?

WhizComms field engineers specialize in devices and equipment provided by WhizComms. For 3rd party devices, it is recommended that subscribers refer to the device manufacturer for assistance as WhizComms engineers may not be sufficiently trained in these devices. WhizComms engineers will also not be able to assist with requests relating to recovery of subscriber’s computer or provide advice on virus or malware infected computers, etc.

32. If WhizComms on-site engineer is unable to resolve the issue, is the trip chargeable?

WhizComms’ field engineers will ensure proper diagnosis & recommend solutions accordingly to address subscriber’s issue. Please note that on-site assessment charge is applicable at the prevailing rate as listed in terms and conditions (

33. During on-site assessment, WhizComms engineer informed that the cause of the issue might be due to 3rd party devices and the issue cannot be resolved as long as the 3rd party device is not configured properly. Why is there still a charge for the on-site assessment?

WhizComms’ field engineers specialize in devices sold by WhizComms and will ensure proper diagnosis before recommending solutions to address subscriber issue. However, if it is identified that the cause of network connection issues might be due to 3rd party devices connected to WhizComms’ broadband service, it is recommended that the subscriber refer to the device manufacturer for assistance as WhizComms engineers may not be sufficiently trained in these devices. Please note that the on-site assessment will still be applicable at prevailing prices, as listed in terms and conditions (

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