As featured across multiple media, WhizComms is the lowest price 1Gbps home fibre broadband & IDD voice plan in Singapore.
Home Digital Line

Alexander Bell dreamt that the spoken word can transcend barriers and bring people closer. That’s why he invented the Telephone.

And that’s why we launched our Home Digital Line. We want to bridge the distance between you and your loved ones. This service is perfect for homeowners who need a dedicated home line for both Local and International calls, with attractive IDD calling rates.

The Charges for Home Digital Line

One-Time Charge
Service Activation Fee $53.50 per Service Address
Enjoy these perks
Unlimited Local Calls (Incoming & Outgoing) FREE
Number Retention FREE


Whiz 1516 IDD Service
Enjoy Great Savings up to 87% on International Calls Check Rate
You can dial international calls anytime with WhizComms Home Digital Line Service
By dialing 1516 + Country Code + Area Code + Telephone Number

Customers who have standalone broadband services with WhizComms will need to subscribe to Home Digital Line with the stated charges unless otherwise stated during the promotion.

Note: Prices stated above are inclusive of GST.

Call 3109 0088 to sign up.

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