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Mesh Wi-Fi

The Complete Solution for Full Internet Coverage. Say Goodbye to Dead Spots!

Dead spots. They’re every digital native’s scariest nightmare and a constant source of frustration. Close a door or turn a corner, and your network signal plummets by a drastic 80 percent.

Meet Mesh Wi-Fi. The Mesh Wi-Fi technology is engineered to eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots at home. Homes are as unique as their owners, and so should home Wi-Fi solution be. Our Mesh Wi-Fi solution provides amplified connectivity, designed to fit every home size and layout – even multi-story homes. A Mesh Wi-Fi System is essential for all HDBs, Condominiums and Landed properties.

Your Mesh Wi-Fi Solution also doubles as a wireless router, making it a hassle-free solution.

Eliminate Wi-Fi Dead Spots with Mesh Wi-Fi Solution Plans!


TP-Link Deco M5

Deco M5 uses several units working together to replace your router and create seamless Wi-Fi in every room. Each Deco mesh router can work independently to cover up to 1,500 sq. ft. and three units working together deliver up to 4,500 sq. ft. of fast Wi-Fi. For even more coverage, you can use up to 10 Deco units on a single network.

Our accessories include three distinct features—seamless coverage, anti-virus and parental control. With HomeCare protecting every device in your home from threats unseen, we combine both strength and security in our Wi-Fi. Antivirus – Protects every device from cyber threats. Parental Controls – Ensures a safe online experience for your family. Quality of Service – Prioritise devices and applications for optimal streaming performance. For more details on Deco M5 & their technical specifications, visit TP-Link Homepage here.

Product Specification

  Quad-core CPU
  Wireless 400 Mbps on 2.4 Ghz + 867 Mbps on Ghz
  4 internal antennas per Deco unit
  2 Gigabit ports per Deco unit
  1 USB Type-C port
  Bluetooth 4.2
  IPv6 compatible
  Product dimensions (120 mm dia x 38 mm h)


Askey AP5100W

The Askey WiFi Mesh Range Extender is ideal to optimise the existing WiFi network and extend its range to hard to access places.

Because it’s 802.11s compliant, it allows multiple wireless nodes to connect with each other without having an Access Point between them, thus providing reliable connectivity between each node, using best path selection technology that minimises convergence ricks for latency-sensitive video traffic.

Dual-band, this Repeater has a reliable, stable connection and it is very simple to pair it with existing routers.

This WiFi Mesh Range Extender delivers high speed WiFi, thus allowing all the family’s devices to enjoy a stable and fast connection to the Internet and allowing for uninterrupted surfing and content streaming – which makes it ideal for large houses.

The Askey Mesh Range Extender is the ideal Connectivity Accessory that will bring your WiFi Router to the next level.

Product Specification

Hardware • Interfaces 2 x 10/1000Mbps LAN Ports
• Easy Pairing Button
• Reset Button
• External Power Supply AC Input: 110~240V (50~60Hz) DC Output: 12V with 1.5A max.
Wireless • Data Rate IEEE802.11n – up to 450 Mbps IEEE 802.11ac – up to 866 Mbps
• Frequency 2.4GHz & 5GHz
• Antenna 4x Internet Antennae
• MIMO Technology 3 antennae for transmitting 4 antennae for receiving 3 spatial streams
• Encryption WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK
Software • Networking DHCP client Support for TCP/UDP/ICMP/ARP Band steering
• Roaming Management 802.11r 802.11k
• Mesh Network Support
• 802.11s compatible
Dimensions • W 72 x H 132.5 x D 105 mm


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