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Now, simply subscribe to 1Gbps Mesh Wi-Fi Solution plan to enjoy these exclusive perks:

 FREE Home Digital Line Service, worth $53.30
• Free unlimited incoming and outgoing local calls
• Free Number Retention

 FREE Vtech Cordless Phone, worth $58

 FREE WhizComms’ Activation Fee, worth $53.50

 FREE Weekday (9am-5:30pm) Delivery & Installation, worth $53.50.

 FREE Onsite Wi-Fi Audit Service.

Total savings worth more than $250! 😍


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Terms & Conditions Apply

• Apply Promo Code STARTMESHWIFI on Service Plan page to enjoy the exclusive offer • This promotion is applicable to new subscribers only • Offer valid until 15.04.2019 • Valid with a 24-month contract • NLT Service Activation Charge of $56.71 will apply for every new NLT Fibre port activation • WhizComms’ service activation fee of $53.50 is waived • Free Delivery and installation services are available on weekdays (9am-5:30pm), excluding public holiday • Free Wi-Fi Audit is a service where WhizComms Field Engineers helps to locate and advise the position of the wireless routers for the best coverage • Free cordless phone will be delivered on the day of delivery and installation by WhizComms Field Engineer • Free Home Digital Line Service as a complimentary service. Otherwise, One-time service activation fee of S$53.30 applies for activating the service in respect of each Service Address • Installation of fibre broadband service by 30th April 2019 • General terms and conditions apply.

About WhizComms

Whiz Communications Pte Ltd is established as a service provider with an objective of providing communications services at the lowest price, highest quality and shortest contract. Effective communications have become synonymous in every consumer’s lifestyle. Knowledge and wisdom relies on constant and productive communications. This company understands the importance of communications to benefit productivity. Its philosophy is to provide best of breed and reliable communications services at an affordable price that is easy to subscribe, fast to implement and simple to use.

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WhizComms Service Philosophy


The best home fibre broadband deals in Singapore. Affordable always!


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Satisfying high speed internet broadband experience. Fast surfing!


No frills provisioning without hidden cost nor bundling. Simple services!

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